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Craft in America
Terese Agnew


Students will explore the richly detailed work of quilter Terese Agnew, as she adopts the tradition of the quilt as a carefully made, warm and nurturing cover, for another caring purpose: encouraging empathy for others, whether workers, birds, or forests. In this lesson, students will consider the varied uses of perspective in Agnew’s work, as a compositional technique, as an aspect of empathy, and as a political stance. Students will consider the importance of titles to convey meaning. They will choose a social issue important to them. Finally, students will have the opportunity to experiment with fabric, paint, and stitching, as they create a quilt to craft their message.

Grade level: 9-12

Episode: THREADS


Download the Lesson Guide for Terese Agnew in PDF format HERE to get started in your classroom.

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THREADS explores weaving, storytelling through quilts and textiles

Charles Kernaghan on Terese Agnew's Portrait of a Textile Worker.

Collectors Margarete and David Harvey talk about Terese Agnew's "Margarete's Garden".

Consuelo Jimenez Underwood


In this lesson students will discover the content packed weavings of Consuelo Jimenez Underwood. Across cultures and throughout time people have woven tapestries, blankets, and clothing to tell stories, signify status, and document events. Through looking at the work of Consuelo Jimenez Underwood students will consider the expressive nature of what often is assumed to be a purely functional craft. Students will focus on how content informs the artist’s chosen materials, and how these materials contribute to the content of her work. Students will engage in selecting materials to create meaning in a weaving, and will create their own weaving with what the artist refers to as a “personal thread.”

Grade level: 8-12

Episode: THREADS


Download the Lesson Guide for Consuelo Jimenez Underwood in PDF format HERE to get started in your classroom.

Laura Perez talks about fiber artist Consuelo Jimenez Underwood's work.