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Craft in America
Ofelia Esparza Day of the Dead altar
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We are pleased to provide our video resources for teachers, now organized by subject area:

  • History and Culture
  • Language and Storytelling
  • Performing Craft
  • STEM Handmade
  • Craft and Kids
  • Craft in History
  • Schools of Craft

    Explore our video resources to support your curriculum. Click on the playlist icon  to view the full playlist.

History and Culture Playlist

Artists explore traditions, navigate history, or engage in activism through their work. These clips highlight how craft can relate to social, cultural, historical or political contexts.

View the History and Culture playlist on YouTube

Language and Storytelling Playlist

Art is universal, connecting different people through a visual language. These videos explore how craft can be used to communicate ideas, bring characters to life, and tell stories.

View the Language and Storytelling playlist on YouTube

Performing Craft Playlist

Musicians need instruments, theater needs sets and costumes, and grand events need grand designs. Explore how the tools of the performing arts are masterly crafted and celebrated in this collection of shorts.

View the Performing Craft playlist on YouTube

STEM Handmade Playlist

From environmental science to chemical processes, and planning patterns to designing structures, these clips explore how science, technology, engineering, and math meet the handmade arts.

View the STEM Handmade playlist on YouTube

Craft and Kids Playlist

You’re never too old – or too young – to learn something new. Watch how children of all ages, from kinder to teen, can be involved in the process of craft and art-making just as well as the masters.

View the Craft and Kids playlist on YouTube

Craft in History Playlist

Dive into the long history of craft in America. These clips explore the beginnings of galleries, renowned places of learning, and institutions of artistry.

View the Craft in History playlist on YouTube

Schools of Craft Playlist

The incredible and historic schools featured in these videos speak on the programs and classes they offer on the art of craft, from glassblowing to violin building and beyond.

View the Schools of Craft playlist on YouTube