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Craft in America


"In the entire entire vast experience of reviewing the work of traditional craftsmen in these two parts of the United States, so enormously diverse in tradition, in climate, in background, one was able to draw certain repeated and strong areas of similarity. First was the innate dignity of the disciplined artisan, whatever his root. Second as the great personal freedom and expression which the craftsmen gained through practice of their craft. Third was the infinite diversity of creative expression allowable even within the sharply defined parameters of the traditional crafts, and finally, and most warmly, was the recognition of the bond of pride and interest and unity that is part of the great and continuing crafts tradition."

- Eudorah M. Moore

Islands in the Land was an exhibition held in Pasadena, California highlighting works by craftsmen from the southern Appalachians and the Valley of the Rio Grande in New Mexico. The functional objects featured in the show spanned a variety of media and included brooms, instruments, pottery, basketry, and furniture. This monumental, groundbreaking celebration of American tradition was curated by Eudorah M. Moore and featured in the DEMOCRACY episode.

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Traditional Objects from Appalachia and The Valley of the Rio Grande, New Mexico.
Pasadena Art Museum, 411 West Colorado Blvd
November 21, 1972 - February 4, 1973