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STORYTELLERS highlights artists and approaches that use narrative to communicate personal stories and universal truths. PBS premiere December 11, 2020 (check local listings).

Featuring: sculptor George Rodriguez, whose oversized ceramic figures tell universal stories; the Art to Wear movement with gallerist and craft historian Julie Schafler Dale and textile artist Linda J. Mendelson, who draws inspiration from poetry and pushes the boundaries of wearable art; multimedia works by Nicholas Galanin, an artist of Tlingit and Unangax̂ ancestry, that critically explore society’s past and present; and Christina Bothwell, who explores themes of loss and hope through her unique approach to glass.

Christina Bothwell in her studio, Storytellers Episode, Craft in America
Christina Bothwell in her studio.




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Craft in America Educational Materials look further at STORYTELLERS as a concept in craft. Visit the EDUCATION section to see what's available and download a Lesson Guide HERE >

Artist George Rodriguez on his George series

Artist Christina Bothwell on her process

Artist Christina Bothwell on the flood after her studio fire

Julie Schafler Dale on her collection and book

Julie Schafler Dale on Ben Compton

Julie Schafler Dale on Joan Steiner

Julie Schafler Dale on Jean Cacicedo

Julie Schafler Dale on Jo-Ellen Trilling

Julie Schafler Dale on Marika Contompasis

Julie Schafler Dale on Sharron Hedges

Julie Schafler Dale on Susanna Lewis

Julie Schafler Dale on Mario Rivoli

Julie Schafler Dale on decorated denim

Nicholas Galanin on "A Supple Plunder"

Nicholas Galanin teaches his son

Nicholas Galanin on Shadow on the Land, and Excavation and

Nicholas Galanin on "What Have We Become?"

Nicholas Galanin on "White Noise, American Prayer Rug"

Nicholas Galanin on "We Dreamt Deaf"

Cutting alder to smoke salmon

Merritt Johnson on her work

Robert Bender on his work

Artist books exhibited at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

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