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Throne Room

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Map of Versailles
The throne in this room was commissioned by Louis XIV and was used until 1789. In this area, monarchs presided “in majesty” over official ceremonies, held council, gave awards or offices, and received foreign ambassadors. It is perhaps equivalent to the Rose Garden or the Oval Office in the White House: a place in which ruler performed his office publicly. 

The official name of the throne room was the Salon of Apollo,  which suggests that the Sun King chose to perform his kingship publicly in a room that would remind all who saw him there of his similarity to the Greek sun god. His pronouncements would shine forth from this spot across the realm like the rays of the sun.

However, many of these activities were often performed in other rooms or even outside the palace. Monarchs commonly did not spend the working day seated on a throne, as is a modern misconception. Instead, rulers routinely used other parts of the residence, including the dining hall, the chapel, private quarters (for rest and family life), council chamber, gardens, ballrooms, recreational facilities.

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