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Elizabeth Flock is a reporter and producer for the NewsHour. She can be reached at eflock@newshour.org

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Arts Jan 23

WATCH: La La Land sweeps as Oscar picks are announced

Favorites for nominations this year include the breakout musical, "La La Land," the affecting drama, "Manchester by the Sea," and the coming-of-age film, "Moonlight," all three of which performed well in the Golden Globes. "Moonlight," which follows a boy as…

Poetry Jan 17

When politics gets out of hand, turn to this poem

Since the election, thousands of musicians, poets and other writers have mobilized across the country to protest the rhetoric and proposed policies of President-elect Donald Trump. On Sunday, “Writers Resist” events were held around the country. But while less visible,…

Poetry Jan 16

As ‘writers resist’ Trump, an interview with a poet in protest

On Sunday, writers and artists rallied across the country in defense of freedom of speech and to protest the political discourse of President-elect Donald Trump. The Writers Resist events took place in Tuscaloosa, Fresno, Helena Denver, Chicago, Baltimore,and Washington D.C.,…

Arts Jan 13

What book has been most meaningful to you?

Will Schwalbe, New York Times best-selling author of "The End of Your Life Book Club," and now, of the new "Books for Living," sat down with our arts correspondent Jeffrey Brown to talk about what books are for.

Poetry Jan 09

The all-American essence of Kansas, Camaros and ‘Jennifer’

“[This poem] looks at the emptiness of American Exceptionalism and concepts of our ‘greatness’ but by talking about the name Jennifer… a quintessentially American name,” said Adair-Hodges, who said the poem came out of “thinking about names as signifiers” --…

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