Devashish Basnet is a Rhodes Scholar studying refugee and migration patterns. A refugee himself, he left Nepal as a child when his family sought asylum in the United States. Basnet shares his Brief But Spectacular take on embracing immigration.

Duration: 3:26

Franziska Trautmann is the founder and CEO of Glass Half Full, a recycling company that converts glass into sand for coastal restoration projects and disaster relief. She and her co-founder Max were students at Tulane University when they launched the initiative. Trautmann shares her Brief But Spectacular take on "glassroots" recycling.

Duration: 3:16

Toy designer Khipra Nichols has been helping make holiday wishes come true for kids for two decades. Rhode Island PBS Weekly producer Isabella Jibilian brings us Nichols' take on toy-making.

Duration: 3:48

Bill McKibben is an environmentalist and founder of Third Act, an organization that encourages people over 60 to take action on climate change. He also helped to found, which was the first global grassroots climate campaign, organizing protests on every continent including Antarctica. McKibben shares his Brief But Spectacular take on working together for climate action.

Duration: 4:17