Bren Smith has spent his life on the water. After seeing firsthand the harsh effects of commercial fishing on the climate, he wanted to find a more environmentally friendly way to do what he loved. In 2013, he founded the non-profit GreenWave to teach regenerative ocean farming techniques to fishermen across the world. He gives his Brief But Spectacular take on making a living on a living planet.

Duration: 3:56

Brandon Dennison is a sixth generation West Virginian who is on a mission to revitalize Appalachia. His community based non-profit, Colefield Development, has trained over 1200 people facing barriers to employment, helping with education and personal development. Dennison gives his Brief But Spectacular take on rebuilding the Appalachian economy, and making it sustainable in the process.

Duration: 3:30

Will Jackson founded Village of Wisdom, a nonprofit seeking to empower Black students and families in Durham, North Carolina. It advocates for more nurturing learning environments in their community. He says the knowledge Black students bring into classrooms is often unrecognized and even punished in some schools. He offers his Brief But Spectacular take on protecting what he calls "Black genius."

Duration: 3:11

Since childhood, Judy Heumann has faced ableism — institutionally, socially, and personally. New York’s public school system prevented her from enrolling, and she was often bullied or excluded by her own peers. After a lifetime of activism, she is finally seeing a shift in how people with disabilities are viewed and treated. She gives us her Brief But Spectacular on the disability rights movement.

Duration: 4:0