COVID-19 vaccine and mask requirements in Washington

Ask us your questions about the COVID-19 pandemic

Now in the third year of the coronavirus pandemic, the world is in a very different spot than it was back in 2020. Most Americans have access to effective vaccines and booster shots, but vaccine hesitancy in the United States and the slower pace of vaccination around the world have given highly contagious virus variants a chance to mutate and spread. Meanwhile, life is a far cry from the widespread shutdowns of that first year, but questions – and tensions – persist over the risks of returning to “normal.” 

The PBS NewsHour is collecting your questions about everything COVID-related —  from the science of the virus and what we know so far about the long-term health effects, to how the pandemic has affected the economy and supply chains, and the ways we need to prepare for the next pandemic. We’ll then ask professionals in those fields to answer some of your questions on the show.

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Do you have a question about the COVID-19 pandemic in this current moment? Here’s a chance to ask the experts by filling out the questionnaire below. Your responses will be shared with the staff at the PBS NewsHour, and we may use them on the broadcast, and our online and social media platforms. A producer or reporter from our team may contact you to follow up.