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House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) confers with ranking member Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) at a House J...

WATCH: After McGahn skips hearing, Democrats vow to hold Trump accountable

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said the House will hold President Donald Trump accountable “one way or the other” after he directed former White House counsel Donald McGahn to defy the panel’s subpoena.

The Judiciary panel held a brief hearing Tuesday in McGahn’s absence with an empty chair where he was supposed to sit. Nadler said that if McGahn doesn’t “immediately correct his mistake” in not showing, the committee will have to enforce the subpoena.

Nadler has said the committee is ready to hold McGahn in contempt. The committee will hear McGahn’s testimony, “even if we have to go to court,” Nadler said.

The ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Doug Collins, said Democrats are “trying desperately to make something out of nothing.”

Collins called the session a “circus” and said Democrats preferred a public “fight over fact-finding.”

The committee voted to adjourn the hearing immediately after Collins’ remarks.

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