WATCH: Jan. 6 committee shows Trump didn’t follow script set for him

The Jan. 6 committee has shown part of a video statement prepared for Donald Trump to give from the White House Rose Garden as rioters raged at the Capitol. And he’s heard saying in the script of what he was supposed to follow: “I am asking you to leave the Capitol Hill region NOW and go home in a peaceful way.”

Watch Matthew’s remarks in the player above.

But the president didn’t actually say that. Instead he repeated baseless claims of voter fraud without condemning the violence by his supporters in Washington.

“So go home. We love you. You’re very special,” Trump said. “I know how you feel.”

WATCH: Jan. 6 Committee hearings – Day 8

The committee showed the video to detail how the president deviated from what was written for him.

Sarah Matthews, a deputy press secretary, told the committee she was relieved that Trump ultimately told followers to go home but was also dismayed that he had repeated the “lie” that the election was stolen.

She testified: “To me, his refusal to act and call off the mob that day and his refusal to condemn the violence was indefensible.” Matthews decided that day to resign.