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WATCH: Biden delivers campaign speech in Gettysburg

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has issued a sweeping call for national unity, using a picturesque, symbolic backdrop of the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War to warn that the U.S. again is “in a dangerous place.”

Watch Biden’s remarks in the video player above.

Biden argued Tuesday in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, that the U.S. can overcome centuries of economic and racial divisions, along with deep partisan rifts that have accelerated in recent years. He says some semblance of bipartisanship is necessary to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuild a battered economy.

But he said the country must “decide to cooperate” the same way that partisans have decided “not to cooperate.”

The former vice president again denounced white supremacy and promised he’d “provide for the common good” and ensure there is “no place for hate in America” if he’s elected.

Biden didn’t mention President Donald Trump and instead invoked Abraham Lincoln and called for Americans to listen to the better angels that the 16th president spoke of during the Civil War.

Americans “can’t undo what has been done,” Biden said, but the nation “can do so much better.”