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WATCH: Harris gives remarks from COVID-19 vaccination site in Baltimore

Vice President Kamala Harris gave remarks on the U.S. COVID-19 vaccine rollout from a vaccination site in Baltimore on Thursday.

Watch Harris’ remarks in the player above.

Places around the U.S. are offering incentives to energize the slowing vaccination drive and get reluctant Americans to roll up their sleeves.

Some involve free beer, doughnuts and savings bonds. These small promotional efforts have been accompanied by more serious and far-reaching efforts by officials in cities such as Detroit, where they’re going door-to-door or paying people $50 to drive others to get vaccinated.

Public health officials say the efforts are crucial to reach people who haven’t been vaccinated yet — whether they’re hesitant or have trouble making an appointment or getting to a vaccination site. Most older Americans are fully vaccinated, so the effort is moving into a new phase.

So far, 43 percent of adults in the U.S. have received at least one shot, while 30 percent are fully vaccinated, according to the CDC.