WATCH: House Intelligence Chair Rep. Adam Schiff says Congress will likely support increased sanctions on Russia

The Chair of the House Intelligence Committee says that while President Joe Biden likely has enough authority to act on his own to enact sanctions, he expects Congress will act on a bipartisan basis to increase sanctions, if needed, and support US allies.

Watch Schiff’s remarks in the player above.

President Joe Biden has announced a new round of sanctions targeting Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, charging that Russia’s Vladimir Putin “chose this war” and his country will bear the consequences. The sanctions target Russian banks, oligarchs, and high-tech sectors.

The penalties fall in line with the White House’s insistence that it would look to hit Russia’s financial system and Putin’s inner circle, while also imposing export controls that would aim to starve Russia’s industries and military of U.S. semiconductors and other high-tech products. Biden, for now, is holding off imposing some of the most severe sanctions, including cutting Russia out of the international SWIFT bank payment system.

Schiff said that he does support cutting Russia out of SWIFT. Speaking to reporters at the U.S. Capitol Thursday, Schiff said there has to be long-term sustained sanctions directed at Russia.

Schiff also said that he is also concerned cyberattacks Russia has directed at Ukraine could extend to other countries and companies outside Ukraine.