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WATCH: Sen. Kamala Harris makes campaign stops in Nevada

Kamala Harris is rallying voters in Las Vegas a week out from Election Day, urging people to make a “special effort” not to let the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic “disempower anybody.”

Watch Harris’ remarks in the player above.

The Democratic vice presidential nominee’s swing through Nevada on Tuesday, including an earlier stop in Reno, came just days before early voting in the state concludes Friday.

She described Joe Biden as a “student of American history” and “a truth teller” who can confront the crises facing the nation.

Harris ran through a litany of Biden’s policies, including how he proposes tackling the pandemic, systemic racism, climate change and the economy.

She seemed to relish contrasting Biden’s record with President Donald Trump’s, laughing as she described how he recently said science doesn’t know what’s fueling Western wildfires.

Talking about Trump’s comments that the nation is “rounding the corner” on the pandemic, Harris quipped: “Come on, man,” before noting, “That’s a Joe Biden term.”

Harris spoke in Las Vegas before roughly 230 voters, spread out on blankets and socially distanced. Nevada has a limit of 250 people for gatherings.