WATCH: State Department affirms intel that says Putin is misinformed about Ukraine

The State Department says they have confidence in the intelligence information they are getting regarding Russian president Vladimir Putin being misinformed by advisers about his military’s performance in Ukraine.

Watch the briefing in the player above.

“So anyone who doubts the level of information, the ability that we have to garner insight into what is going on inside Russia and even within the various policymaking apparatus,” said State Department Spokesman Ned Price. “Need look no further than what we’ve said publicly and what has since transpired.”

This comes after U.S. intelligence officials said Putin is being misinformed by advisers and those advisers are scared to tell him the truth, the intel says.

The Kremlin expressed “regret” and “concern” over the report.

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Thursday that it means “neither the State Department, nor the Pentagon possess the real information about what is happening in the Kremlin.”

Peskov accused U.S. officials of not understanding what was going on in the Kremlin or how decision-making works in Moscow.

“It is not just regrettable, it elicits concern, because this complete lack of understanding leads to erroneous decisions, reckless decisions that could have very bad consequences,” Peskov said.

Price also spoke about the State Department’s warning to U.S. citizens in Ukraine or Russia.

“We are warning U.S. citizens that the Russian government security officials in both Russia and in Ukraine may be singling out U.S. citizens based on their nationality,” said Price.

“Our updated travel advisories now reflect that information. We we reiterate that all U.S. citizens in Russia and Ukraine should depart immediately.”