WATCH: Sen. Cotton asks Jackson questions about policing during the confirmation hearing

Republican Senators questioning Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson sought to characterize the Supreme Court nominee’s judicial views as extremist and soft on crime, using her confirmation hearings to air a line of conservative grievances.

Watch the moment in the player above.

In the 11th hour of questioning by the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday, Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton interrogated Jackson on a series of crime-related matters, including whether or not the United States needs more police and whether she believes the U.S. should weaken or strengthen sentences for drug crimes.

In each case, Jackson responded to Cotton that those were questions for Congress, not for a Supreme Court justice and pointedly stated that she will “stay in (her) lane.”

WATCH: Dissecting the questions Senators are asking Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson

At one point, Cotton said to the nominee, “I think that not many Americans, especially not the 100,000 Americans who lost someone to drug overdose think these are tough questions.”

Jackson shot back: “It’s not that they’re difficult questions. It’s that they’re not questions for me. I am not the Congress.”

Earlier in the questioning Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono asked Jackson how she handles cases independently, free of partisanship.

Jackson said at the outset, she sets aside her personal views and looks strictly at the case.

“It doesn’t matter to me whether the argument is being made by the president of the United States or a death row inmate. What I’m doing is looking at the argument, I’m looking at the facts,” she said.

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