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WATCH: Stewart says Dems want to make Clinton president. But Pence is next in line, Nadler says

There’s one line coming from Democrats during the impeachment debate that Republicans were happy to hear. It’s that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t become president if Donald Trump is impeached and removed from office.

A Republican congressman from Utah, Chris Stewart, said during a speech that Democrats want to impeach Trump because they hate him and, in Stewart’s words, “they think Hillary Clinton should be president and they want to fix that.”

Stewart then said that if the House voted to impeach Trump, then “the next president, I promise you, is going to be impeached — and the next president after that.”

That’s when Jerrold Nadler, the chairman of the committee that passed the two articles of impeachment, used part of his speech to remind Stewart of the constitutional line of presidential succession.

The New York Democrat explained that it’s Vice President Mike Pence who’d become president if the House voted to impeach Trump and the Senate voted to remove him from office. And Nadler made clear that Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, isn’t in line to move into the White House.

After Nadler spoke, a group of Republicans in the chamber clapped and whooped.

The first impeachment article charges Trump with abuse of power. The second charges him with obstruction of Congress. The Republican-controlled Senate is expected to acquit him if there’s a trial next year.