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A special retirement message for Mr. Moe, a beloved Montana teacher

Last week, several students from Big Sky High School in Missoula, Montana, wrote to the NewsHour to sing the praises of their beloved teacher Mark Moe, who announced he would be retiring. Moe shares the news summary with his classes daily, so his students thought a message from the NewsHour would be a fitting tribute -- and maybe a reason to reconsider. Judy Woodruff shares their story.

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  • Judy Woodruff:

    Just last week, we got a number of e-mails from Big Sky High School in Missoula, Montana.

    Students wrote in to sing the praises of a beloved teacher, Mark Moe.

    He shows the "NewsHour"'s news summary every day in his U.S. history and government classes. He has announced that he will retire from teaching on Friday, but his students are not happy. They say they will miss him dearly.

    Student Reporting Labs teacher Jennifer Keintz worked with the students to record these reflections.

  • Alex Pate:

    Mr. Moe taught me many important things, but the most important was to think about the bigger picture.

  • Freja Lovato:

    Mr. Moe taught me how to come into class and smile every day.

  • Taylor Bayliss:

    Mr. Moe taught me that you need to really keep up to date with current events, and that it's an important part of society, and you need to know what's happening in the world, so you can make informed decisions.

  • Halle Hawkins:

    Mr. Moe has taught me so much the past years that I have had him. He's taught me the values of hard work — whew — dedication, and to be able to love yourself and have the confidence when no one else does for you.

    Mr. Moe is such an amazing teacher. And I will miss you so much, Mr. Moe.

  • Jayden Beed:

    We were so sad to hear you will be retiring this Friday. But we wanted you to know how much we all have really appreciated your almost 30 years of service here at Big Sky High School.

    And in order to show you that, we thought who better to say it than Judy?

  • Judy Woodruff:


    So, Mark Moe, let us at the "NewsHour," all of us, add our thanks to you for being such a dedicated teacher.

    Some of your students told us that, if I asked you to keep working, you would. But, of course, this is a big decision. It's yours. You know how they feel, and you know how much they have — that you have touched the lives of these young people.

    Whatever you do — and please let us know what it is — we at the "NewsHour" want to wish you well.

    Congratulations. And thanks for sharing the "NewsHour" with your students.

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