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Mural highlights Bronx teen’s death from gang violence

It will be one year next month since 15-year-old Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz, a Bronx, N.Y. teenager was killed, a victim of gang violence. After his death, the Instagram hashtag #JusticeForJunior began prompted artist George Fernandez to create a mural honoring the teenager’s life.Newshour’s Student Reporting Labs program with help from students at Bronx Arena High School report.

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  • Hari Sreenivasan:

    This June marks one year since the death of a Bronx teen who fell victim to gang violence. NewsHour's Student Reporting Labs along with Bronx Arena High produced this story with Instagram to highlight youth-driven community stories about public art.

  • George Fernandez:

    This mural was the hardest one I've ever done. Because just experiencing everything, everyone's emotions. The hundreds of people watching me do it.

  • News Anchor:

    The 15-year-old NYPD Explorer with plans to one day become a detective brutally murdered back in June by alleged members of the Trinitarios gang.

  • George Fernandez:

    I learned about Junior's death on Instagram and I just started following the hashtag and just keeping up with it until I felt like I need to go there and paint a mural for him. When I showed up here, I wanted to do it the right way, to find Junior's Mom, get her permission first and then from that point I got permission from the building owner. Everybody kinda like chipped in. I was just wondering if you could come up so I could see you.

  • Edilberto Tantau:

    We worked together so this mural could be made. Many people come to see the mural and it's all good, very good thanks to God. We went through some tough times but here we are hoping everything returns to normal in this area.

  • George Fernandez:

    o when I was a kid there was somebody that died on my block. Somebody painted a mural of the person that passed away and the mural is still there. And I don't know who painted the mural, I didn't see who did it but I know how it made me feel. You know, I was happy to see that. And the guy that passed away was like the older brother of the block, you know what I mean he used to watch over all the little kids when we played outside and whatnot.

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