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News Wrap: Federal judge temporarily blocks Biden’s ban on deportations

In our news wrap Tuesday, a federal judge in Texas temporarily blocked President Biden’s 100-day ban on most deportations, the world reaches 100 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, thousands of farmers in New Delhi, India protest new laws they fear will benefit corporate farms, widespread internet outages hit the Northeast, and baseball legend Hank Aaron was memorialized in Atlanta.

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  • Judy Woodruff:

    In the day's other news: The new Biden-run Justice Department rescinded the Trump administration's zero tolerance border policy. It led to thousands of family separations.

    Separately, a federal judge in Texas temporarily blocked President Biden's 100-day ban on most deportations. The Republican attorney general in Texas had challenged the ban.

    The world reached another grim marker today, 100 million confirmed cases of COVID-19. More than 2.1 million patients have died, including 900 survivors of the Nazi Holocaust who'd been living in Israel.

    Meanwhile, more vaccination sites in the U.S. are canceling appointments because of vaccine shortages.

    We will focus on the vaccine problem after the news summary.

    A major storm blanketed parts of the Midwest with a foot or more of snow today. Communities in Nebraska and Iowa were buried under 15 inches, turning roads treacherous. The snow was expected to keep falling into the night. Last night, the system spawned a tornado north of Birmingham, Alabama. It killed a teenage boy, injured 30 people, and crushed buildings in its path.

    In India, thousands of farmers flooded New Delhi, protesting new laws they fear will benefit corporate farms. Leaders said that more than 10,000 tractors drove into the city, with farmers breaking barricades and battling police. They stormed the Red Fort that dates from the 17th century and insisted that the new laws be withdrawn.

  • Manjeet Singh (through translator):

    The message for the prime minister is that it is not the Indian government. It is the farmers' government, and farmers will rule it. We will do as we want to. You cannot force your laws on the poor according to your whims.

  • Judy Woodruff:

    The protests began nearly two months ago, and had been largely peaceful.

    Back in this country, the interim head of the U.S. Capitol Police apologized for the failure to prevent the assault on the building on January 6. She said officials did not deploy enough officers with adequate communications, despite warnings that extremists supporting President Trump planned violence.

    Widespread Internet outages hit the Northeast today. Verizon reported problems with its service, possibly stemming from a cut fiber in New York. The disruption affected Google, Facebook and other sites, and the many Americans now working from home.

    Wall Street had a lackluster day. The Dow Jones industrial average lost 23 points to close at 30937. The Nasdaq fell about 10 points. And the S&P 500 slipped five.

    And baseball Hall of Famer Henry Aaron was memorialized in Atlanta today. Teammates, friends, and family gathered virtually and in person at the home stadium of his old team, the Atlanta Braves. They honored the home run king's legacy on and off the field. Aaron died Friday at 86.

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