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News Wrap: Taliban attack kills at least 17 in Afghanistan

In our news wrap Friday, at least 17 police and soldiers were killed in an apparent insider attack in Afghanistan. Officials said security forces joined Taliban fighters assaulting a base in one of the deadliest attacks since February's U.S.-Taliban agreement. Also, former presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is transferring $18 million from his campaign to the Democratic National Committee.

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  • Judy Woodruff:

    In the day's other news: Former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg announced today that he is transferring $18 million to the Democratic National Committee. The money comes from his campaign account, and is the largest such transfer ever.

    At the same time, Bloomberg dropped plans to keep hundreds of campaign workers on his own payroll in support of the party's nominee.

    Meanwhile, Indiana became the eighth state to delay its presidential primary, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Officials pushed it back from May five to June 2.

    In Afghanistan, at least 17 police and soldiers were killed overnight in a so-called insider attack. Officials said some in the security forces joined Taliban fighters, assaulting a base in Zabul province in the south. It was one of the most serious attacks since the U.S. and the Taliban agreed last month on withdrawing foreign troops.

    Four men in India were hanged today for the gang rape and murder of a young woman on a New Delhi bus back in 2012. The crime ignited protests across India and outrage around the world. At dawn today, crowds gathered outside the jail, as demonstrators celebrated the executions amid tight security.

  • Lakshmi Devi (through translator):

    This has brought peace to my heart, and a huge burden has been lifted. The gang rape victim, who left this world in sheer pain, has gotten justice. Her parents have waited for so long.

  • Judy Woodruff:

    In the years since the murder, India has imposed tougher sentencing rules for sexual assault. Still, activists say the new penalties have not deterred rape.

    And this was the 25th anniversary of a nerve gas attack in Tokyo, Japan. A doomsday cult released the chemical in the city's subway system, killing 13 people and injuring thousands more. Subway workers and the victims' relatives held a moment of silence today at the station that was targeted. A larger ceremony was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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