World Aug 07

File photo by Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters
What are economic sanctions?

For many foreign policymakers, economic sanctions have become the tool of choice to respond to major geopolitical challenges, from counterterrorism to conflict resolution.

Jun 20

How powerful is North Korea’s military?

North Korea has embarked on an accelerated buildup of weapons of mass destruction and modernization of its already large conventional force. Read more in this Council on Foreign Relations explainer.

Jun 07

What’s at stake in the UK elections?

As the United Kingdom recovers from a string of terror attacks, the country’s parliamentary elections on June 8 could determine the course of its Brexit negotiations, trade and economic policy, internal borders and foreign relations.

May 08

Who is fighting in Syria’s civil war?

Syria’s civil war has grown ever more complex in the six years since protesters first challenged the government. The Council on Foreign Relations describes the various warring factions.

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