Nov 03

Online preschool: Does it work?

A small but growing number of nonprofits and for-profit companies are saying they can deliver at least some of the experiences and benefits of high-quality preschool via the internet, and thousands of parents are signing up. But as online early…

Aug 16

What it will take to create quality preschool for all

One city’s attempt to professionalize early education could be a model for the nation. In the last two years, New York City has moved to accommodate all of the city’s public school 4-year-olds in high-quality preschool classrooms.

PBS NewsHour recently held a Facebook chat on the benefits of reading aloud with Pam Allyn, founding director of LitWorld, Dr. Perri Klass, national medical director of the nonprofit Reach Out and Read, and Maggie McGuire, vice president of Scholastic’s…

Feb 27

What are the benefits of reading aloud? What is the impact on children’s educational outcomes beyond literacy? Join us for a Facebook chat on World Read Aloud Day, Wednesday, March 4.