Sep 21

Could a mushroom save the honeybee?

In recent years, research has shown that rare fungi found in the old-growth forests of Western Washington can help fight viruses, including tuberculosis, smallpox and bird flu. What if the honeybee would see similar health benefits from wood-rotting mushrooms?…

Jul 24

Running elk ragged just to get their antlers

Washington and Oregon have imposed rules to make sure that “shed hunters” don’t harm elk and deer. But not everyone follows those rules. Instead, some shed hunters cruelly endanger the health of deer and elk so they can be the…

Jul 22

While there are other labs around the globe that specialize in specific types of plants and animals, a forensics lab in Ashland, Oregon is the only one in the world dedicated to solving crimes against all kinds of wildlife.

Nov 17

Scientists solve mystery of West Coast starfish plague

SEATTLE — After months of research, scientists have identified the pathogen at the heart of the starfish wasting disease that’s been killing starfish by the millions along the Pacific shores of North America, according to research published Monday.

Jun 17

Scientists zero in on what’s causing starfish die-offs

Starfish are dying by the millions up and down the West Coast, leading scientists to warn of the possibility of localized extinction of some species. As the disease spreads, researchers may be zeroing in on a link between warming waters…