Nation Feb 06

Inmates at St. Louis jail set fires, break out windows

Inmates at a St. Louis jail set fires, broke out windows and threw things from fourth-floor windows Saturday in the latest disturbance over concerns about the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions that have limited visits and stalled court proceedings, officials said.

Nation Jan 28

Why kids need special support when a parent is locked up

CHICAGO – Ray Robinson was 8 years old when he was first detained by police. He grew up mostly on the south side of Chicago, surrounded by poverty, drugs and gang violence. Robinson’s parents “did the best they could,” but…

Oct 30

When missing rent leads to jail time

Arkansas is the only state in the country that allows landlords to file criminal — rather than civil — charges against tenants after they fall behind on rent. Based on a law dating back to 1901, if tenants’ rent is…