World Jan 10

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High Hopes in Southern Sudan Over Referendum

As residents of southern Sudan vote on a referendum to secede from the north or stay one country, dozens have been killed in new violence. Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro checks in with Ray Suarez from the southern capital…

World Apr 09

In southern Sudan, vote to secede looms

ABYEI, Sudan | Residents of southern Sudan, an area that is already semi-autonomous, will vote in January on whether to separate from the north. But many issues -- from how to distribute oil wealth to even where the border would…

World Apr 09

Voices from Sudan’s contested village Abyei

ABYEI, Sudan | Villagers in the contested area of Abyei, along the north-south border that spans Sudan, express their concerns about security and economic conditions in the slowly rebuilding town and their hopes for the future.