Health Jul 16

Defiance grows as Georgia governor blocks local mask rules

Mayors in Atlanta and other Georgia cities say they want their requirements for people to wear masks in public to remain in place, even after Gov. Brian Kemp explicitly forbade cities and counties from mandating face coverings.

Politics May 17

Biden’s VP search puts spotlight on how long he’ll serve

While someone like Elizabeth Warren could broaden Biden's appeal among progressives, the 70-year-old Massachusetts senator wouldn't be the face of a new generation many in the party are seeking. That might be an advantage for younger contenders, such as California…

Nation Dec 18

Photo by REUTERS/Leah Millis
Georgia purge removes nearly 309,000 voter registrations

U.S. District Judge Steve Jones allowed Georgia's purge to move forward Monday after a lawyer for the state said the voter maintenance program was already running and that any voters deemed to have been wrongly removed could have their registrations…