Sep 13

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PBS NewsHour's Mary Jo Brooks captured this image of residents south of Lyons surveying damage caused by the flooding of Left Hand Creek. Brooks also said that U.S. Highway 36 remained closed, effectively cutting off the town of Lyons.

Courtesy of Colorado Department of Transportation Colorado DOT reports that the flooding has caused more than two dozen closures on state highways. Mother Jones has been collecting videos and photos of ongoing destruction. .embed-container {…

Sep 09

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"There's no rule that says as you get later in the season the hurricanes get weaker. That is a myth."--Dennis Feltgen, meteorologist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Hurricane Center. H/T Ellen…

An American flag stands amid the rubble of the May 20 tornado that tore through Moore, Okla. Photo by Rebecca Jacobson. I've driven through Oklahoma many times, usually once or twice a year as my family traveled from our…

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