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Hurricane Katrina smashed into the Gulf Coast Monday, bringing damaging winds and torrential rain. An emergency official in Mississippi and a reporter in New Orleans discuss the damage in two of the hardest hit areas.

Starvation threatens 3 million people in Niger and millions more in other impoverished African countries, but a lackluster international response has failed to provide the needed emergency relief. Two experts discuss the problem and possible solutions.

Following two background reports, a reporter discusses the controversy surrounding the investigation of last month's fatal shooting of an innocent Brazilian man by London police following the bombings of the transit system.

British authorities may deport 10 foreign nationals considered security threats Thursday, following Prime Minister Blair's proposed anti-terrorism measures that critics say violate human rights. After an update from Independent Television News, two experts discuss Britain's new anti-terror laws.

North Korea and Iran demand that they be allowed to develop nuclear energy for civilian use have derailed separate diplomatic efforts to curtail their programs. After a background report on the stalled talks, experts analyze what these latest developments mean…

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