WATCH: Australia prime minister touts global alliances at U.N. General Assembly

Australia’s prime minister is emphasizing the value of international alliances, not long after the announcement of a partnership between Australia, the U.S. and the UK caused an international incident with Europe.

Watch Morrison’s remarks in the player above.

“It is essential that countries pursue these interests in ways that are mutually respectful and support stability and security because we want to maintain an open, rules-based international system that supports peace, prosperity, human dignity and the aspirations of all sovereign nations.”

WATCH: 2021 United Nations General Assembly – Day 4

Prime Minister Scott Morrison made the remarks in a pre-recorded speech to the United Nations General Assembly that was released on Friday. During the day, Morrison took part in a Quad meeting with the leaders of the Japan and India hosted by the White House.

A recent announcement was made that the U.S., as part of a new alliance with Britain and Australia, would equip Australia with nuclear-powered submarines — killing a deal that Australia had with France to buy diesel-powered subs.

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