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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: Karla Murthy

Position: Producer

Most memorable experience at NOW: Carrying all our camera gear to shore from a little boat in the South Pacific to shoot the segment "Paradise Lost."

Guilty pleasure: Nutella on just about anything

In the past: I started out as a graphic designer working with clients ranging from the NBA to Ralph Lauren. I made the switch to news and documentaries in 2000, when a position opened up at Bill Moyers' production company, and I haven't looked back.

Favorite NOW shows:

Home At Last?
Working on this segment on the fight to end homelessness was an eye-opening experience for me. And seeing "Footie" get his first apartment was unforgettable.

God and Global Warming
I was able to sit in on the most amazing conversations traveling with Evangelical Christians and scientists for a week in Alaska.

Inside Egypt
This piece was a rare glimpse into modern Egypt that was very compelling, especially because it focused on the younger generation of Egyptians.

Losing Ground and The Sinking of New Orleans
These two incredibly prescient stories aired in 2002 and document how the disappearing wetlands surrounding New Orleans could lead to a major national disaster. And, watching NPR Correspondent Daniel Zwerdling getting stuck in the wetlands is priceless.

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