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Week of 10.26.07

God and Global Warming

In August, NOW traveled with an unlikely alliance of Evangelical Christians and leading scientists to witness the breathtaking effects of global warming on Alaska's rapidly changing environment. Though many in the evangelical community feel recognition of global warming is in opposition to their mission, the week-long trip inspired new thinking on the relationship between science and religion, and on our moral responsibility to protect the planet. Travel with NOW and the expeditionary group on a breathtaking and surprising journey to find common ground between earth and sky.

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» Uniting to Protect the Creation: Dr. Eric Chivian and Rev. Richard Cizik reflect on their eye-opening journey to Alaska.

» Slideshow: Alaskan Journey: Watch a photo essay of the Alaska scenery witnessed by the scientists and Evangelicals on their journey.

» Video: Talking About Science and Religion in Alaska: During the trip to Alaska, the team of Evangelicals and scientists met with pastors from the city of Homer. The discussion about responsibilities regarding Global Warming was very passionate on both sides. Watch the exchange for yourself in this web-exclusive video.

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This week-long trip to Alaska for the scientists and evangelical leaders was made possible with the generous support of the Kendeda Fund.