Walter Brattain:
December 4, 1947:
Brattain's attempts to build an amplifier were getting closer and closer to a working model. He had built devices which had amplification, but not enough. They also didn't have a fast enough response time­they would never have been able to amplify a signal as complex as a voice coming over a telephone line. These lab pages show a list of all the new configurations Brattain was going to try as he attempted to solve these problems.

Lab Book Pages

Brattain 12/4/47 /a
Brattain 12/4/47 /b
Brattain 12/16/47 /a
Brattain 12/16/47 /b
Brattain 12/24/47 /a

Brattain 12/24/47 /b
Shockley 1/1/48 /a
Shockley 1/1/48 /b
Shockley 1/23/48 /a
Shockley 1/23/48 /b
Shockley 1/23/48 /c
Shockley 1/23/48 /d

Brattain Dec.4, 1947 /a


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