Walter Brattain:
December 24, 1947:
These pages record the moment when the first transistor was shown to the higher-ups at Bell Labs. A microphone and headphones were connected to the transistor, and the device was actually spoken over "with no noticeable change in quality" writes Brattain. On page "b" is listed the people who were there to witness the occasion, including Gibney, Moore, Bardeen Pearson, Shockley and others.

Lab Book Pages

Brattain 12/4/47 /a
Brattain 12/4/47 /b
Brattain 12/16/47 /a
Brattain 12/16/47 /b
Brattain 12/24/47 /a
Brattain 12/24/47 /b
Shockley 1/1/48 /a
Shockley 1/1/48 /b
Shockley 1/23/48 /a
Shockley 1/23/48 /b
Shockley 1/23/48 /c
Shockley 1/23/48 /d

Brattain Dec. 24, 1947 /a


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