Walter Brattain:
December 16, 1947:
After over a year of work, Brattain and Bardeen finally devised a successful amplifier. Brattain here describes the set up of that very first point-contact transistor. The second page shows a schematic of the gold-covered tip that was placed gently down on top of the germanium crystal.

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Brattain 12/4/47 /a
Brattain 12/4/47 /b
Brattain 12/16/47 /a
Brattain 12/16/47 /b
Brattain 12/24/47 /a

Brattain 12/24/47 /b
Shockley 1/1/48 /a
Shockley 1/1/48 /b
Shockley 1/23/48 /a
Shockley 1/23/48 /b
Shockley 1/23/48 /c
Shockley 1/23/48 /d

Brattain Dec. 16, 1947/a


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