William Shockley
January 1, 1948:
These are the notes Shockley wrote up while at a physics meeting in Chicago on New Year's Day as he brain stormed about a new, improved amplifier­one that would be better than the point-contact version built by Brattain and Bardeen. Shockley mailed these notes into Bell labs, to make sure they were witnessed and signed by a scientist there.

Lab Book Pages

Brattain 12/4/47 /a
Brattain 12/4/47 /b
Brattain 12/16/47 /a
Brattain 12/16/47 /b
Brattain 12/24/47 /a

Brattain 12/24/47 /b
Shockley 1/1/48 /a
Shockley 1/1/48 /b
Shockley 1/23/48 /a
Shockley 1/23/48 /b
Shockley 1/23/48 /c
Shockley 1/23/48 /d

Shockley Jan. 1, 1948 /a


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