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Cornerstones: Founding Voices of the Black Church

Without people, there can’t be a church. So, who were the people who made the black church possible in America? How could a nation embrace the Christian Gospel and Constitution that were so clearly anti-slavery and still justify slavery? According to the Bible, Christians are charged to spread the Gospel, gather, read scripture, and serve one another. According to the Constitution, all men are created equal. So, who were the Americans that brought the country to face the promises it wasn’t living up to?

In this short animated series, we look at just a few pivotal people who brought the reality of the right to gather, read, sing, worship, and share these truths that should have always been self-evident.

The Reader

The Reader risked his life to bring to the whole Church what should have never been prohibited.

The Servant

The Servant learned and then taught others how to serve more deeply not as a slave, but as a free man.

The Hymnist

The Hymnist sang praises to celebrate the salvation of the soul and to save the body from slavery.

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