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Season 8, Episode 10: Where Did We Come From?

Erin Burnett is anchor of Erin Burnett OutFront, a dynamic nightly news program that provides in-depth analysis and compelling newsmaker interviews. Erin Burnett OutFront airs weeknights at 7pm ET on CNN and is simulcast on CNN International.

Burnett has been at the forefront of reporting on the coronavirus pandemic. While she’s used her trademark analysis to constantly fact-check and hold the Trump and Biden administrations accountable, she’s also focused on the stories of people who sacrificed and suffered.

As part of CNN's political coverage, Burnett moderated the 2020 CNN/New York Times Democratic presidential primary debate in Westerville, Ohio and hosted CNN town halls with presidential candidates, including now President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

During her tenure at CNN, Burnett has covered countless breaking stories on location - from the Paris and Brussels terror attacks to the Las Vegas and Orlando mass shootings and Hurricane Sandy. She’s reported from around the world, including Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba and across Africa and Asia. Her investigative report on terror funding identified a Qatari financier whom the U.S. Treasury Department subsequently designated a global terrorist. Part of Burnett's national security coverage includes a documentary "The Truth About Benghazi."

Burnett’s documentary work also includes an investigation into then President Trump’s business activities “The Trump Family Business” and a deep dive into women in America on the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage.

Burnett joined CNN from CNBC where she anchored two flagship programs and contributed to Meet the Press. During her tenure at CNBC/NBC News, Burnett broadcast from Cairo during the Egyptian revolution and from Nigeria after the attempted terror bombing of a Detroit-bound jet. Burnett also produced and anchored documentaries on India, Russia, Iraq, Dubai and Africa.

Burnett lives in New York City with her husband and three young children.

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