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Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho

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Season 1, Episode 8: "Martha Stewart, Margaret Cho and Sanjay Gupta"

Beginning with her early days on the scene in SoCal, comedian Margaret Co has always been the Agent Provocateur of stand up. Never one to shy away from a difficult, or even ‘taboo’ topic, there is no subject off limits. Her socially aware brand of comedy has made her both a thought leader as well as a teacher to those with open minds and open hearts.

An accomplished performer in all formats, Cho could be called the “Queen of all Media,” having conquered the worlds of film, television, books and theatre. She has two Grammy Award nominations for Best Comedy Album under her belt, one for Revolution (2003) and the other for Cho Dependent (2010). Her tours are immediate sell-outs, and she’s had two shows debut Off-Broadway (I’m The One That I Want and The Sensuous Woman). She has made an indelible mark in television, starting in 1994 with the network comedy All American Girl, followed by one of the first “reality sitcoms” to air on VH1, The Cho Show. Margaret currently stars on the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva, now in its fourth season. The film and DVD releases of her stand up have broken records – literally, with I’m The One That I Want holding the title for ‘most money grossed per print’ for an independent film. Her other releases, which Cho fans collect and swap with zeal, include Notorious C.H.O (2001), Assassin (2005), Revolution (2003), Beautiful (2009) and Cho Dependent (2011).

Along with her many accolades for her entertainment career, Margaret has been widely recognized for her work in the non-profit sector, lending her name, time and tireless work ethic to several charities, especially those involving gay rights and anti-bullying campaigns.

With the recent release of her 6th concert film, Cho Dependent, Margaret shows once again that she hasn’t lost any of her well-loved edge. The Grammy nommed CD of the same name was widely praised for Cho’s songwriting as well as her musicianship, and the DVD goes one step further, featuring songs from the album interwoven into the thought provoking stories she tells. Honest, passionate and hilarious, Margaret Cho is at her very best.

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