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Engine Room (Aft)
At the aft end of the engine platform on the starboard side stood the condenser—the collection point for the waste steam generated by the engine. An arm extending off of the port rock shaft of the engine operated the condenser pumps. One could pump the collected water out of the hull or return it to the boilers. The main bilge pump was mounted on one side of the condenser box. Whenever the main engine operated, so did this pump. On the other side could be found a feed pump. By opening or closing valves in the waste steam lines, crew could direct the collected water where needed. The feed pump was also used to refill the boilers as necessary with river- or seawater.

Two large blowers mounted in the overhead on the port and starboard sides drew fresh air in from the outside and forced it throughout the ship. The blowers were also a necessity for the efficient operation of the main engine. Before the Monitor underwent a refit in October 1862, it had no permanent smokestack to provide draft for the boilers.

Aft of the engine, between the rock shafts, the deck was open. This area allowed the crew access to the stuffing box, through which the propeller shaft exited the hull.

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