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inside the drug traffickers' world: Seven narco traffickers--from kingpins to mid-level businessmen to street level dealers--tell how they set themselves up in business and  stayed  two steps ahead of the law.  They also explain how their business has evolved over the decades -- from the early days when cocaine would be smuggled across borders only a few suitcases at a time, to the truck loads that now cross the  U.S southwest border, after a risky journey through Latin America and Mexico.


George Jung Interview

He was a self-described "coke star" selling coke balls to Hollywood and a network of college campuses, and witnessing inside operations of the 1980s most notorious narco-lords, including Pablo Escobar "who worshipped George Patton." With this kind of storyline, it's no wonder Hollywood has an upcoming movie about Jung-- "Blow"-- starring Johnny Depp as Jung.

Jung started out as a youthful marijuana smuggler but got active in cocaine trafficking during the mid-1970s. He and Carlos Lehder - who he first met at Danbury Federal Penitentiary in 1975-- developed smuggling routes for the emerging Medellin cartel, including flying plane-loads of cocaine to remote US airstrips during the late 1970s. Jung currently is serving a 20-year sentence in federal prison.

The Ochoa Brothers Interview

The brothers Ochoa-- Jorge, Fabio and Juan David--ran the most powerful of the Medellin drug trafficking organizations. They surrendered voluntarily to the Colombian government in 1990 - 1991, and served short prison sentences.

In their first television interview since their 1996 release, brothers Juan David and Jorge spoke to FRONTLINE about their years in the drug business, and claim they are no longer associated with the drug trade. However, their younger brother Fabio was arrested on drug charges by Colombian police in October 1999. The Ochoas maintain his innocence.

· Interview with Juan David Ochoa
· Interview with Jorge Ochoa

Carlos Toro Interview

He has some stories to tell of binge sex and drugs on Norman's Cay with and the irresistable business of working with Lehder and his partners in running cocaine filled small planes From early childhood, Toro and Carlos Lehder were friends growing up near Medellin, Colombia. In the early 1980s, Toro became involved in the cartel when Lehder invited him into the cocaine business as a public relations representative for the cartel, managing political pay-offs, bribes, and money laundering for the organization. Toro, who got out of the business many years ago, now lives quietly in the United States.
Fernando Arenas Interview

What was it like to be a personal pilot for drug king pin Carlos Lehder?

Arenas details how his close relationship to Lehder gave him, over many years, an inside view on the workings of the Medellin cartel, including the cartel's internal power structure, their relationship with the Sandanistas and Contras, and their dealings with Manuel Noreiega.

· Read an overview of how Colombia's narcotics organizations have changed since the 1970s - "The Colombian Cartels"


'Steve' Interview

The man called "Steve" asked FRONTLINE to protect his identity. He grew up on the San Diego / Tijuana border and got involved in the 1990s with both money laundering and drug trafficking. He worked for a time with the notorious Arellano Felix Organization of Tijuana, currently one of the most powerful and violent cartels in Mexico.

Interview with Paul

The man called "Paul" also asked FRONTLINE to protect his identity. He did not have direct contact with the Colombia and Mexico drug network operations. He dealt at the local level in New York City where he would buy large quantities of cocaine, cook it into crack and sell it in the streets. He became addicted to the drug and served time in prison and drug rehabilitation. Now clean of drugs, he is working in the computer field.

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