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painting by boggess entitled on the inside looking out
The Artwork

On death row Clifford Boggess became an accomplished artist, drawing and painting many different subjects. Right up until his execution, he worked to complete a final drawing. His pen pal agents in the U.S. and Europe bought, displayed and sold his art; some of his works were exhibited in New York and Houston galleries.

The early paintings such as "The Horror Within" represented the anger and torment of being on death row. But in later years, Boggess painted abstracts in subdued colors and some of his final works included portraits of people, especially his family. His lawyer Robert Estrada says, "His art was a way of changing himself from an angry youth to a young man who had empathy and love for people."

Boggess had ambitious plans for publishing his "Death Row Series" which he hoped would convey the "literal inside of death row from the perspective of a death row inmate." He called this project "my legacy to the world, my one big 'art project' until I'm executed." There is more about his "Death Row Series" detailed in a 1995 letter he wrote to FRONTLINE correspondent Alan Austin, and, on his web site.

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