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who was clifford boggess?
Was Clifford Boggess a Psychopath?

An expert assesses whether Boggess's behavioral characteristics fit the profile of a psychopath and what recent theory and research may be suggesting about the roots of psychopathy.
The Profile: Feelings & Relationships

How do psychopaths think and feel about themselves and others? Here are the emotional and interpersonal symptoms on Dr.Robert Hare's Psychopathy Checklist.
Family Background and Childhood of Clifford Boggess

Boggess was very frank discussing his life and, in particular, what he learned in later years about his biological mother and siblings and his nightmarish early childhood. Here's an excerpt from FRONTLINE's interview.
Reflections on Cliff and our Friendship

For eight years Conny Krispin was his pen pal from Germany and visited him several times. They referred to each other as "best friends." This is her account of what she discovered about Boggess, and about herself, during those years.
A Letter to Alan Austin

One of several letters Boggess wrote to FRONTLINE correspondent Alan Austin, here he discusses his ambitious plans for distributing his artwork; his biblical studies efforts; feelings about having no real family; and why he made the decision to admit his guilt and be honest with 'free world people" like Austin.
Boggess Ready for Execution

Published in the Herald Democrat a few days before Clifford Boggess was executed, this article summarizes his life, crimes, the years on death row and ends with his statement - "In 15 days my punishment ends. I'm free, I'm gone."
Boggess put to death

This is the account in the Times Record News, Wichita Falls, of Boggess's execution. It describes his demeanor, what he said, the final visitors, last meal and the reactions afterward of Lisa Hazelwood and the other relatives of his victims who came to view his execution.
Boggess's Letters

Read the letters which Boggess wrote to the relatives of his two murder victims.

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