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Excerpts from FRONTLINE's interview with Clifford Boggess in which he describes who he was and why he did what he did.

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Boggess Describes his First Murder

(10 Minutes) Frank Collier, the first murder victim, ran a grocery store for years. Boggess said that when he was a kid, like any kid in town, he could walk into Collier's store and say 'Hi Frank, how you doing'?' This excerpt begins right after Boggess has detailed how one day his car broke down and he flew into a rage because to fix it would eat up the money being saved for college. A short time later, Boggess hitched a ride to nearby Saint Jo,Texas, put super glue on his fingers to hide his fingerprints and walked a few blocks to Collier's general store......
Boggess Describes his Second Murder

(7 minutes) In this excerpt Boggess is asked about how he murdered his second victim, Roy Vance Hazelwood, and whether it bothered him that Hazelwood's granddaughter had been in the store just moments before the killing.
Boggess on What Led Up to the Murders

(10 minutes) Clifford Boggess was an honor student in high school - a self-described 'nerd' - and he played the piano at high school graduation. In this excerpt he is asked: how did he go from being that kind of kid, to commiting the premeditated, brutal murders of two elderly men just a few years later?
Reacting to Lisa Hazelwood's Letter

(5 minutes) There are some rare, unguarded moments in this interview with Boggess; the relentless cheerfulness is gone and he reveals some anger. He is reacting to the letter he had received only a day or two earlier from Lisa Hazelwood. She asked Boggess to explain why he killed the grandfather she loved so much.

(It took Boggess six weeks to compose an answer to Lisa Hazelwood. In his response to her he expresses remorse and goes into great detail about the murders, his nightmarish childhood and cites Bible passages and other material which he says might comfort her.)

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