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boggess being arrested after the murders
His Letters
Was Clifford Boggess a Psychopath?

Six weeks before he was executed in June 1998, Clifford Boggess wrote this open letter to the family and friends of his two murder victims. It was published in a local newspaper.
Was Clifford Boggess a Psychopath?

She had been at the store just moments before Boggess robbed and murdered her 70-year old grandfather. After years of pain and guilt about not having somehow tried to save her "Pa Pa," she decided to write this letter asking Boggess to explain 'why.'
Was Clifford Boggess a Psychopath?

Boggess took six weeks to respond to Lisa Hazelwood's letter. In his reply he goes into detail about the murder and his remorse. He also discusses his childhood,his Christian conversion and quotes Bible passages and articles which he suggests may comfort her. The effect of this letter is to make the whole Hazelwood family even angrier.
Was Clifford Boggess a Psychopath?

In this letter to Boggess, Lisa Hazelwood says she will be coming in 8 days to Huntsville, Texas for his execution, but hasn't decided yet whether she will go to the viewing room to witness his death by lethal injection. (In the end, she goes.)

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