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boggess being arrested after the murders
a letter to boggess from lisa hazelwood
Mr. Clifford Boggess
June 3, 1998

She is the granddaughter of Lee Vance Hazelwood.  Boggess murdered him This letter is to help clear my conscience of the many thoughts and feelings I have had since I was told about your execution date. I feel I need to tell you that I will be in Huntsville on June 11. I still have not made up my mind about whether I will witness you die, this is something I have thought about and waited for almost 12 years now. I honestly don't know if I will watch - I will decide that on June 11.

I feel very cheated by what you have done to me and my family. I have suffered a lot of guilt over being the last one to see him alive - of seeing you - of knowing in the back of my mind that something was wrong with him when I was there - and of doing nothing about it. I still have not been able to forgive myself for this so I do know that deep down at this point in my life I cannot forgive you for what you did. I understand that you have asked God for his forgiveness and for your sake I hope he gives you the forgiveness you need. I just can't right now. Maybe someday.

I don't know if you realize it, but when Pa Pa died, his wife (My Ma Ma) went into full blown alzheimers - so I not only lost him, but her as well. She was never the same up until her death in 1992. I have to wonder if you even remember what he looked like? Or what I looked like? I have enclosed some photo copies of some pictures for you to look at during your last days. Also I haven enclosed some pictures of Roy Vance Hazelwoods legacy - some of his great grandchildren that were robbed of their chance to know a great man; a man that would gladly have given a stranger the shirt off of his own back.

The only thing I can say thank you for is for having the mercy to shoot my Pa Pa instead of beating and stomping him to death like you did Mr. Collier. -

Have you had any recent contact with Phoebe Boaz? If so I would love to locate her - she and I need to talk about her part in my Pa Pa's death - she is just as guilty as you are in my eyes.

Do you realize that he could not have ever identified you? He was legally blind! No matter what you say I do believe that I would not be alive today if I had shown up at the station alone that day. In my eyes, my Pa Pa gave his life to save mine. He made sure you knew someone was with me. I can still remember you walking over and standing behind me so you could look out the window to see if he was telling the truth. I still remember every detail of that day. Do you? I would like to know everything that happened after I left. Were you abusive to him? Did you hit him or scare him? Did he beg for his life or tell you to rot in hell?

Is Phoebe Boaz telling the truth about you having killed 4 people total? If so, have you admitted these to God also? What about their families? Do they have any clue why their loved ones are dead or who did it? If you have time I would like an answer to these questions.

You not only cheated me and my family at the time, but also my future family. My Pa Pa would have 8 great-grandchildren today. I have three beautiful sons ...

... If you write to me, please try to avoid preaching at me. It just doesn't seem right coming from you.

Lisa Hazelwood

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