war in europe
NATO's 1999 war with yugoslavia over kosovo
Interviews with Policymakers, Analysts & Military CommandersHow It was Fought-How it Ended-Why Milosevic Gave UpThe Ethnic Cleansing and AtrocitiesWaging War for Moral Values:  Pro  and Con
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War in Europe

Twelve months ago, in the skies above Kosovo, NATO went to war. It was a war that unleashed terrible brutality. On one side was a ruthless leader-Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic-who claimed history was on his side. On the other, an alliance whose politicians believed that this was a crusade for moral values. It was a war where the politicians, rather than the military commanders, dictated the battlefield strategy and tactics. At its end, the war had produced one million refugees, thousands of civilian deaths, and a broken land still without peace. FRONTLINE correspondent Peter Boyer undertakes the first in-depth examination of a European war rife with diplomatic infighting and military stumbling.

published feb. 2000