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How the War was Fought - How it Ended - Why Milosevic Capitulated

how it was fought
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A French soldier guards a personnel carrier in Mitrovica

Why Did Milosevic Capitulate?

A summary of the possible explanations for the Serbian leader's 11th hour agreement to withdraw from Kosovo. Some of the reasons presented here include: the theory of a secret Russian deal with Milosevic; the indictment of Milosevic as a war criminal; implementing the "going downtown" strategy in the bombing campaign.
How It was Fought

Evaluations by the NATO alliance's civilian leaders and military commanders on how the campaign was conducted and the political constraints on military strategy and tactics: William Cohen,U.S. Sec'y Defense; General Wesley Clark, NATO Supreme Allied Commander; Ivo Daalder, policy analyst; Lt. Gen. Michael Short; General Klaus Naumann; General Charles Krulak.
How It Ended

What did the largest military offensive since the Gulf War really accomplish? The achievements and lessons are assessed by: Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger,Tony Blair, William Cohen, Richard Holbrooke,Ivo Daalder, General Klaus Naumann, General Charles Krulak

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