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Waging War for Moral Reasons: Pro & Con

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Is Military Intervention over Kosovo Justified?

This absorbing letters exchange between writers Michael Ignatieff and Robert Skidelsky occurred during NATO's bombing of Serbia in the spring of 1999. It covers key questions such as: 'Does the West have free rein to make its values and ethics prevail?' 'Did the West undermine the laws of international affairs in by-passing UN authorization for its attack on Serbia?' Ignatieff is a reporter, historian and author of The Warriors' Honor: Ethnic Wars and the Modern Conscience; Robert Skidelsky is author of The World After Communism.
The Human Rights Conundrum - A Radio Conversation

Listen to this WBUR-FM "The Connection" interview with Michael Ignatieff which took place a few months after NATO's war ended. Ignatieff discusses the human rights movement's struggle for legitimacy and the questions which have emerged since the Kosovo conflict: Would we do it again? When, whether and how should we intervene for human rights? In the Kosovo intervention, did NATO do as much harm as good?
Not-So-Sacred Borders

James A. Kitfield presents an overview of how historic concepts of nation-state sovereignty and intervention have been changing as a result of humanitarian disasters in Haiti, Bosnia, Rwanda and now, Kosovo. He maintains "the days of absolute sovereignty--when governments could abuse their own people with total impunity--are gone forever." Kitfield is the defense correspondent for National Journal and the author of Prodigal Soldiers: How the Generation of Officers Born of Vietnam Revolutionized the American Style of War
The Reasons Why

Tony Judt, professor of European Studies at New York University, places Milosevic's ethnic cleansing in the context of other European leaders who have exterminated minorities within national frontiers. He maintains that NATO's war on Milosevic was a war it had to fight.

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